And, technically, it is pocket-sized if you put it on your phone in the Kindle ap. But the print size is shown above against an iPhone8, which is just slightly bigger than an SE version. The Green Beret Pocket-Sized Survival Guide.

More info on water:

In your home, you can add another half-gallon of water per person above the minimums from Day 63 recommended– for things such as cleaning, brushing teeth, etc. This isn’t essential, but useful for mild situations. Do not use drinking water for these reasons if you’re in a moderate or extreme emergency.

Your water in your house is ultimately dependent on electricity. While you may have had running water during the last local blackout, a major blackout will shut down the water processing and pumping stations. If you have a well, the pump runs off electricity. Can you get water out of your well without power?

Do you have pets? Add in water for them, but in moderate or extreme emergencies, let them forage for water. They can do it much better than you.

Quite a bit of the food you have stored will require water to prepare. That’s why you might think the recommended gallon a day seems high.

We have water already stored in houses in places we might not automatically think of:

Our hot water heater contains a considerable amount. There is a drain at the bottom. Make sure you have something to collect the water in, open the drain, then open a faucet to complete the water circuit. (Make sure, if not already off, that you turn off the gas/power to the heater before working on it. If the power/gas is already off and comes on, make sure you immediately refill the heater before turning it back on or else it can overheat.)

The water pipes in your house can be drained of the water in them.

Our toilet tank (not the toilet bowl) contains fresh water. Get over it and use it.

A swimming pool or hot tub contains non-potable water which you can make potable. These techniques are covered in Survival—in the book that’s free today!

If you have adequate warning, you should fill every available container with potable water. Also fill all tubs and sinks.

Tomorrow, more on water, including checklists and emergency sources.

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