I’ll get back to more information on water tomorrow, but today I’m in a state of shock over the images from Wisconsin, where their supreme court overturned the governor’s lockdown and people celebrated by crowding into bars.

Seriously. There’s photos.

In Texas, there are armed people standing outside barbershops so people can get haircuts, because, you know, tough guys need haircuts.

It’s so weird that those who threw “snowflake” around so casually now seem to be the ones who can’t tolerate some inconveniences in their lives. Yes, a job is important. But getting a haircut? Going to a bar?

For many, they think this is a problem they won’t have to face. It’s an old people problem. Or a city problem. Here in TN we’ve had huge outbreaks in prisons and in the towns outside the prisons, because the guards do have homes.

This graph below is what happened during the last major pandemic. We’re opening up for a world of hurt.

Here is an article from the NY Times from someone who is recovering from COVID-19. I recommend reading it.

In an earlier post I mentioned getting an oximeter. As she says: you get below 95, you might have a big problem. A lot of the deaths are happening because people think they can stay home and beat this—more realistically they’re afraid of the cost of getting medical help. By the time they do, it’s too late.

Tomorrow, more on water, including checklists and emergency sources.

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