I was checking my accounts and it seems somewhere in early March my Medium account switched from being linked to my Twitter account to my Google account, and thus I ended up with two accounts. Bummer.

So I’m re-posting all the ones from Google over here to my Twitter Medium account starting with the first one I did as a series covering the 2020 Pandemic. Day 1 was 12 March. Which was only 54 days ago, but seems a lot longer, doesn’t it? I think it’s interesting to read these moving forward to where we are now.

Despite being slammed by some for being overly alarmist in those early days, sadly, I think most of what I’ve written has become true in one form or another. You can read and see what you think of my naive days when our government was telling us not to worry.

I deleted one post about the spread from people working out, running or biking, because there was some pushback in scientific circles about the validity of the post I was referring to; however, I do think common sense says it isn’t a good idea to be biking or running directly behind someone. I’ve avoided our greenways on my bike since this started, which sucks, because Knoxville has a really great system and I miss them. But with the lockdown, of course, those paths are more crowded than ever. Strangely, the crowds caused me to not bike my usual Walland to Townsend to Smoky Mountain NP long ride one day (27 March) and instead biked up Foothills Parkway, gaining like 2,000 feet over five miles and blowing my retina out and well, you’ll see the posts from there appear here in the next days. Actually that will be tomorrow when 27 March is reposted.

I missed a couple of days—either when I had my eye surgery or was in the mountains communing with nature.

So I just reposted Days 1 through 10, 12 March through 21 March. Tomorrow will be the next 10. Then the next 10, yada yada, you got the bisque. As you can tell, I am not the most tech savvy guy in the world.

Stay safe. Stay as positive as you can be in dark times. Be like Cool Gus. Or even Scout.

BTW: Ides of March (Time Patrol) is free on Kindle for the next few days. Because, you know, what if Caesar hadn’t been assassinated? Or George Washington hadn’t given his epic speech to mutinous officers on 1 March 1783 in Newburgh? Or the last Tsar overthrown on 15 March 1917; which was definitely one of the top five defining moments of that century.

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