Facts: On the day that TN/LA/TX and GA report the most cases and most deaths in the previous 24 hours, those states are relaxing their containment and re-opening.

I’m dumfounded. First, what criteria are these governors using? Obviously not science. Do they think magic will protect people? We’ve already lost tens of thousands of Americans due to a totally inadequate response to a pandemic that was inevitable and prepared for. Our federal protections were torn apart simply out of spite by the current administration. The intelligence briefings that warned of the pandemic were ignored. There STILL is no coherent federal response.

The president has abdicated responsibility so he can blame governors if it goes wrong and take credit for anything that goes right. At the same time, he is publicly supporting armed protestors who object to those same governors. Armed protestors partly organized by a group funded by the family of the Sec of Education. We have entered a completely new realm of insanity. Yet a third of the country is still in favor.

Perhaps they think New York City was the exception. And that they will be spared.

They won’t be.

The image above is Hart Island in New York City, not far from where I grew up. The people doing the burying are prisoners from Rikers Island. For more info on Hart Island: HERE.

I despair of the ignorance and blatant disregard of science and common sense.

I do understand we can’t stay shut down forever. But we need a national PLAN. Something we’re not going to get under this administration where the leader is concerned only about the next news cycle and his own welfare.

If the president’s response has been as great as he claims why is he blocking his chief science advisor from testifying? As he’s blocked all the first hand witnesses to his innocence of all charges and his brilliance?

There will need to be accountability for the deaths that have happened and are coming that could have been prevented.

I will begin shifting this blog toward preparing for the long grim road ahead; not just regarding COVID-19 but the Great Depression that we are on the front edge of, just like 51 days ago we were at the front edge of the pandemic.

Stay safe. Stay as positive as you can be in dark times. Be like Cool Gus. Or even Scout.

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