We’ve now seen armed protestors storming state capitols a couple of times. Today it was Michigan. What’s amazing is that it’s legal for them to bring their weapons into the capitol but there are metal detectors in the entrances for, what exactly? I had to take off my belt last time I went to get my drivers license and leave it at the metal detector.

I really wonder what the reaction of the police would be if people of color showed up with their legal guns and tried to legally enter the capitol?

These people are being overtly supported by our own president, which is stunning. First, he abdicates all responsibility to the states, then publicly supports “liberating” those states from those he gave up authority to. He is a master of playing both sides. He lives on conflict. It is literally his fuel of life. And it will get worse.

You cannot have that many angry, armed people, feeling justified by the president, without it eventually turning bad. They will view it as their “Boston Massacre” moment, except the point is, the people with the heavy weaponry are the protestors, not the police. Isn’t it odd that the same people who scream about supporting the police are more than willing to confront them when they feel entitled.

There will be blood. People have forgotten Kent State where scared, poorly prepared National Guard fired on protestors. But we will have heavily armed protestors firing on someone, perhaps police but more likely unarmed counter-protestors. We’ve seen the pictures of healthcare workers in scrubs facing down screaming lunatics. All it takes is one person to lose control and it begins. And then? Will there be “very fine people” on both sides? As blood runs in the streets? This already happened in Virginia. Sadly, the president will love that. He’s desperate for something to help the only thing he cares about: himself.

This isn’t political—this is patriotism. I’m not a “snowflake” “libtard” “sore about losing” or any of the other terms people throw at anyone who criticizes the president. To not truly understand he only cares about one person, himself, is the essence of naivety. He would rather see this country disintegrate into a smoldering civil war than be voted out of office. Have no doubt he will see those protestors on the news tonight and a plan will bubble in his head. He will try promoting more civil disobedience. If it works, he’ll push it. If it doesn’t he’ll pivot and lie.

He’s also trying to blame China instead of his own ineptitude in ignoring all the intelligence warnings about the pandemic. Many lives could have been saved, but weren’t. Even though most of the virus in the US has been traced back to Europe, not China. Even though his wonderful Chinese ban still allowed 40,000 people to enter from there after it. Even though he said it wasn’t a problem and now says he knew it was going to be a pandemic. Pivot and lie.

But there will be blood.

Stay safe. Stay positive. Be like Cool Gus. Or even Scout.

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