I’m watching kids being dropped off by their parents to a house across the street where there’s a big sign congratulating a daughter on her 14th birthday. Everyone’s being greeted with hugs and kisses.

It might be a party no one ever forgets. Or nothing could happen. I lean toward the former as we learn more and more how many Americans were infected and asymptomatic, but what do I know? I’m just trying to listen to scientists.

I’m not sure what magic number of deaths would make people take it seriously. We still have people saying the flu is worse. At this point, I’m not sure a certain segment of the population are even capable of changing their minds. The problem is that this virus doesn’t discriminate. It’s going to infect you regardless of your beliefs. The only thing you can control is your actions.

The biggest problem is lacking of testing. Anyone who claims leveling off or dropping is unreliable because so few people are getting tested. I vaguely remember the commander-in-chief stating that anyone who wanted to get tested could. Like weeks ago? Still not even close to being true. Each day, more and more, I get a sense that the lack of testing has a lot to do with politics and a desire to keep numbers low, at least officially, regardless of the reality.

There is some speculation that Chernobyl was the end of the Soviet Union. Of course there were other factors at play. But we have other factors at play now also and COVID-19 might be looked upon by historians as a key player in the end of the United States. At least as we know it.

I know, people think I’m over-reacting. But we’re seeing serious partisanship playing out in the federal government’s response. Mitch McConnell seems determined to destroy as much as he can. 16% of our population can control over 50% of the Senate. A deeply flawed system, rooted in slavery, and one that is biting us in the ass now.

Stay tunes. Same bat channel. Same bat—of wait, bad joke.

Stay safe. Stay positive. Be like Cool Gus. Or even Scout.

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