Here is a useful page where you can enter your zip code and get local information about COVID-19:

Here is a page on the various types of face masks. Also information on self-made ones and effectiveness. Coffee filters? Interesting. It’s not rocket science but it is science:

South Carolina is opening its beaches today. Seriously. Because you know only 6,235 American died yesterday (that we know of and count). Seems like South Carolina is always stirring some shit. Must be something in the water. We did live there for several years on Hilton Head and it was a little nuts to say the least.

I just read an article about a long-time bar owner from Brooklyn who went on a cruise that departed on 1 March. His kids begged him not to go, but he was a Fox news aficionado and Sean Hannity et al, along with the President, were saying everything was under control. So he went. It must be odd to simply trust one’s life to a single source of information. He’s dead BTW.

Stay safe. Stay positive. Be like Cool Gus. Or even Scout.

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