Because I need to get back to practical things for a moment and put aside my rage/anguish over what is happening to the United States.

Here are some free books and audio short stories. I update this page daily and am constantly rotating free and discounted books through it. I’ve noticed a sharp upswing in downloads of free books as people are stuck at home and also many are pinched financially.

Also, I have single use download codes for a number of my books in audiobook from Audible. The thing is, since they’re single use, I can’t post them but have to send them individually. So I’m going to start listing titles and if you’re interested, and I still have codes left, I’ll send them to you. I’m gonna be honest—I’ve done this before and NO ONE asks. I don’t know if they think they’re going to be put on a list or its spam or whatever. But no, I don’t add you to a list and I delete your email after replying. I just reply with the instructions and code. If you do want to sign up for my infrequent email list which always features free books and interesting information from Cool Gus, you can do that HERE. But, seriously, there’s no hook attached to this. So if you want any of these books in audiobook on Audible (and you don’t even have to a member of Audible!), email me at and tell me which one. I’ll be posting more in future blogs.


AREA 51  



Stay safe. Stay positive. Be like Cool Gus. Or even Scout.

The Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide. Also now in Kindle Unlimited.

The Green Beret Pocket-Sized Survival Guide (same as above, minus the preparation part in order to be smaller in print)

And, oh yeah. the print and audio of Area 51: Earth Abides are both live and the ebook will be out Monday. I think the book is more timely than ever as it deals with a massive virus called the Swarm and finally answers where it came from and what its purpose was.