The saying above is a truism. Most Americans have been living in a bubble most of our lives. Protected from a harsher reality. Even now, many are still in a bubble. Those areas that haven’t been hard hit by COVID-19 are still moving on, life somewhat changed but not as much as its going to be. Those places that are leveling off want to go back to “normal.”

The rallying cry now is: When do we get back to normal?

Which begs the question: What is normal?

One where we ignored climate change? Where wealth inequality grew by leaps and bounds, with the richer getting richer and the poor being squeezed harder and harder. Even now we see the disparity in even who a virus kills; with more minorities dying. And the poor are dying alone in their apartments or homeless and many will never be counted among the final tolls.

We lost 3,000 Americans on 9-11 and proceeded on a wanton course of destruction, killing hundreds of thousands and spending trillions of dollars. And lost. That lesson needs to really sink it. But it hasn’t.

Pandemics always happen. Any fool who says “No one could have seen this coming!” is a complete idiot who has no clue of history and reality. It was inevitable. And it is inevitable again. It’s likely we’ll be stuck with COVID-19 for a very long time and require yearly vaccination and even then it will kill tens of thousands each year.

As we crank up industry and travel again, climate change will pick up again. Can we cut back on world-wide weapons spending and militaries and shift our energies into making life better? We’ve definitely learned spending over 700 billion on the Department of Defense didn’t defend us. In fact, DOD failed miserably considering biological warfare is one of the three legs of weapons of mass destruction. It’s obvious our military leaders are incompetent and failed their troops and the country.

Can we focus on renewable energy? Can we mothball wasteful and dangerous cruise ships? Cut back on unnecessary air travel? We’ve learned more people can work from home than we thought. Right there we can help the climate by cutting back on commuting.

Life not only won’t get back to “normal”. It shouldn’t get back to normal.

Stay safe. Stay positive. Be like Cool Gus. Or even Scout.

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