The map above is the estimate chances of an epidemic across the country. The darker, the worse.

I sometimes wonder how this event will be studied by historians. I know it will be seen as a turning point in history. Exactly how, isn’t certain yet, but I have a few guesses.

The experiment called the United States is over. It lasted far longer than the Founders ever thought it would. Sadly this happening in our lifetime. It was inevitable given that we incorporated slavery into the Constitution. An Amendment didn’t change the core of that document. We needed a new Constitution. We could have had one except for an assassin’s bullet in 1865. I often think we underestimated how much Lincoln’s death hurt this country. He was the one man who could have helped us truly let go of slavery and move forward. Instead we compromised.

Anyway. I took the dogs out today and was shocked how many people are out and about and walking past each other and biking past each other and running past each other as if it’s a holiday. The southern states are going to be slammed in the coming weeks because a number of governors took their cues from Washington which has been clueless.

We were introduced to “alternate facts” three years ago and now we are living in an alternate reality. Except it’s a deadly one. We have now passed 10,000 deaths. Over triple 9-11 where we reacted with such violence we destroyed the world order. Now we’re so numbed by lies, one wonders if we even have a Federal government. Our Department of Defense has not defended us. Instead, it’s turning on itself as political appointees dismantle it.

I’m tired. My eye hurts. I’ve got a headache. I take heart in the unbelievable sacrifices being made by doctors and nurses and garbagemen and those who stack the shelves and truck drivers and all those putting themselves at risk. Then I’m appalled and angered at the profiteering and ignorance displayed by others.

We will get through this. What awaits on the other end will require a rekindling of spirit.

We must remember reality. We must remember facts. And we must remember those who betrayed us.