For future tasks, I include specific information about gear and equipment. The items linked are for reference purpose. I personally have all things listed. Feel free to search further for what you want. I need to disclose I am using affiliate links for items on Amazon and the GAIA app later on. Not just because it’s required, but to understand I am giving examples and linking to things on Amazon makes it easier to show gear as there’s an overwhelming amount of things out there. One rule of thumb: the cheaper the gear costs, the cheaper the gear.

Also, any money made off affiliate links is donated to charity, primarily the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

 Also, sometimes things are no longer available, so I add the item description. Please email me if any links to gear, web sites, etcetera are no longer valid and I can update immediately.

You can get whatever you want, wherever you want. Also, if you want to talk to experts, I recommend finding the closest REI store or local outdoor store and talking to the people who work there.

Many households don’t have a basic first aid kit. If you don’t, it’s critical that you have one. I’ll have more information on medical gear later, but at least a basic kit to start.

Task Three

Mild: If you don’t have one, get a first aid kit for your home.


M2 Basics First Aid Kit

Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide.