Death Rate

While people focus on election results, COVID-19 is surging on a daily basis. We’ve hit peak and there’s no end in sight. I know of people who believe the president that it wasn’t a big deal and masks weren’t necessary who are DEAD now. That’s not partisan. That’s life and death.

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If we just wore masks, we could cut the death toll dramatically. Also, do you really need to go out and do most of the things people are gathering to do? Last night I heard the marching band from the local high school for a football game. Seriously? Is it worth your life? Or the life of others?

At the current rate, the death toll will double by inauguration. Think on that. We’re “rounding the corner” and right ahead is a cliff we’re going to fall off.

I’ve been doing there posts since the beginning of the pandemic and if you had told me back in the beginning if we’d be worse off now, still in the first wave, never mind fearing a second wave, I wouldn’t have believed you. But that’s the reality. That’s what an utter lack of leadership and ignoring science brings about. Those are facts. If we’re going to move forward, it’s time we start following science and believing in facts rather than magical thinking.

Sorry for the rant, but I find the death toll appalling and unacceptable.

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