Is not good. This isn’t going to be over any time soon. Honestly, as I type one-eyed, I vacillate on the outlook. There are two things to consider: the Covid-19 itself and then the effect on civilization.

As far as the former, it’s confusing but overall most public officials are really under-estimating how long this is going to last. I’d say here in Knoxville we’re a month to six weeks behind New York. Nashville is probably two weeks ahead of us, as far as the reports I’m seeing. What that means is that this ripple effect is going to sweep over the country. Florida is going to get slammed big time. Not only is the governor an idiot—and that’s not an opinion, if you don’t like it, go elsewhere—but the population lends itself to disaster. Older, many Faux News watchers, it is woefully unprepared for what’s going to happen. Is happening.

So far, my predictions, sadly, have been on target. Look for mass graves in Florida in 3 to 4 weeks or crematoriums working around the clock. That’s reality.

Here I’m watching five guys working on the house next door, redoing something inside. One has a terrible deep chest cough. My wife and I have taken to wearing N92 when we go out the door based on the fact this virus stays in the air longer than people think. We monitor where the dogs go and we will not take them off the property. Scout’s going a bit nuts not getting her long hikes every other day, but so be it. I can’t do them anyway because I’m supposed to be taking it easy which is driving me as nuts as her. I’m also watching tree cutting and landscaping crews doing something across the street in the backyard of a house. They will all be infected within the week. And their families. And their friends. That’s reality but few want to accept it.

Bottom line on COVID-19. It’s here, we’re all likely to get it, except for the few who manage to isolate until a vaccine which won’t happen until, at the earliest near the end of the year.

From the start, what’s really concerned me is the supply chain. Right now, mail is being delivered, UPS is pulling up and dropping off packages, etcetera. I don’t expect that to last. Long haul truck drivers will get sick. Local delivery people will get sick. People will call in sick from isolation. People stocking stores will not show up. How far we break down? How long will we break down?

I honestly got no idea and am open to your thoughts on my original blog post, if you’re reading this on Medium which is where I copy this too. Sometimes I’m optimistic but then I see in NY they are opening feeding centers for anyone who needs to eat. I saw a video of a long line of cars waiting for a food bank outside of Detroit. It’s not just that people didn’t prepare: many people couldn’t afford to prepare. I really wish people had more empathy for those less fortunate. I remember thinking I was middle class growing up, when actually we were poor (mother a home-maker, father a garbage man, 4 kids, living in a 600 square foot place) but we saw people who were really poor.

If you can, try to stock up on non-perishables that will last a month. At the very least, when you go to the store, buy two week’s worth of food even if you have to put it on the credit card you can’t pay. You can’t eat the card. I think people are doing that. I noticed less cars the other day when I went for my follow up appointment at the food stores.

Keep checking long term camping food on Amazon. The other day this bucket of Mountain House was available, now it’s listed as unavailable, but if you keep searching through, sometimes you can buy individual meals. Every little bit helps.

Start thinking longer term survival beyond just COVID-19. Once more, for those who can’t buy the survival guide, email me and I’ll send you a pdf version for free.

For those who have bought it or got it, if you can leave a review on Amazon as that helps as I’ve had to cut my advertising budget for it, thus its lower on search engines as I’m competing against bigger businesses than me and Cool Gus which can spend more than Gus.

PLEASE! Take this virus seriously. Stay safe.

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The NY Times has dropped its paywall for information about COVID-19, Coronavirus. Click HERE to go to it. Also, The Economist has dropped its paywall for information about COVID-19 and it does a very good job drilling down on various aspects.