A woman said they were going to the store and someone yelled to them from a car. She went over and there was an older couple sitting inside. The eldrly woman cracked the window. It was obvious she was in great distress and had been crying. She said that they were afraid to go in the store because of the virus.

I can’t blame the couple. SARS-CoV-2 is particularly nasty for older people or those with underlying conditions, particularly with the lungs. I wasn’t particularly worried until my wife reminded me that I have aspergillosis in my lungs from one of many deployments to the dark corners of the world. She can hear it when we’re watching a comedy and I laugh deeply, then start to cough.

Because of the fear and uncertainty, my Green Beret Pocket-Sized Survival Guide is free today and tomorrow on Kindle. If you don’t use Kindle and want a pdf version, email me at bob@bobmayer.com I’ll send you one. It doesn’t have the preparation portion of the larger book, The Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide, but it has the survival part and the same Appendix I’ve added about the Coronavirus.

Think of not only older couples, but the elderly who live by themselves. Going to the store could literally be a decision of life and death.

Those who tout low numbers or state that more people have died from the flu are seriously misguided. Yesterday I did the numbers on the low end and they were grim.

We’re prepared here to hunker down here for a couple of months. I’m fortunate in that I’ve worked from home for many years. Also, I’ve prepared reasonably well, given I’ve been trained and taught survival, and written a book about it. But for many people, the current situation is confusing. We have some media outlets spewing propaganda instead of news. I’m stunned at the partisanship that is still being displayed. The reality is many of these politicians, who’ve been denying science, like climate change, for years, are in for a rude awakening.

On 9 January 2020, the Washington Post ran this small article. It was one of the first notices of what has happened.

That’s only slightly more than two months ago. The Chinese, of course, were aware they had a problem well before that. Think of how quickly we’ve gone from that brief mention to now in two months? Think where we’ll be in two months.

Check on the elderly, whether family, neighbors or even known on someone’s door and see how they’re doing. This is when you have to come out of the hunkering down and help. There are plenty of ways to help while maintaining “social distancing”. Anytime I leave the house I essentially disinfect myself and my jeep. Then when I come in the house, I disinfect again.

A positive that makes me feel good about the above chart is that is the extraordinarily low fatality rate for children. I’m happy for my two grandsons. This is unlike the 1918 Spanish Flu which was particularly nasty to the young and in shape.

It’s only Day 2, but we are either going to reveal the better angels of our nature or our demons. I’m hoping for the better angels.

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