We must share together the bad news and the good news . . . So far, the news has been all bad. If you feel your Government is not disclosing enough of the truth, you have every right to say so.” FDR over the radio, two days after Pearl Harbor, December 1941

I guess he trusted the American public wouldn’t panic and would pull together in the face of harsh reality.

As people on the west coast are finding out, it’s not just the fire, it’s the secondary effect of air quality that extends far beyond the hot zones.

Stay indoors. Make sure any air circulating isn’t vented to the outside. Here is the EPA page on what to do—of course, love where they say use N-95 masks which STILL aren’t readily available. Not like we haven’t had most of a year to react to COVID-19.

I’m releasing two books in the next month about disasters, because as we face future ones, we need to learn from the past.

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