That’s the latest prediction. Which means a surge and more than double the current death toll coming in the next four months.

This is the projection by the University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics. They’ve been on target from the start. The model says many of those deaths can be avoided if we follow basic precautions, particularly wearing masks. It also could be much higher if we loosen restrictions and do thing like hold massive motorcycle rallies and football games and open schools. Oh, wait.

We still don’t have any Federal plan to deal with a pandemic that’s been raging all year. In fact, the government is actively working against any sort of plan. It’s trying to juke the stats, putting the re-election of the man who bungled our preparation and response ahead of public welfare. That is a non-partisan reality. We have a quarter of the world’s deaths from COVID yet only 4% of the world’s population. Numbers don’t lie.

What can you do?

Wear your mask. Don’t attend large gatherings of people. VOTE. Frankly, I’m going to vote in person, well masked and social distanced and immediately disinfecting after. I predict that mail-in votes will be used by the current administration to claim voter fraud and try to negate the election. After all the present administration claimed the Republican primaries were rigged in 2016. And won. And claimed the election was rigged. And won. Maybe we should believe?

Get your flu shot. You do not want the double whammy of COVID and flu.


I just updated the free slideshow on dealing with power outages. Now that I have a solid copy of Equinox ready for publication on 22 September, I am focusing on updated all my survival information and on some other projects that touch on it.

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