The White House is supposed to be our house. The people’s.

Yet now it is surrounded by barricades and walls. And the occupant blames the people and takes no responsibility.

Over one thousand Americans are dying every day and our president is golfing. There STILL is no Federal plan for anything. From testing, to PPE, to re-opening. The president has completely abdicated a national disaster to fifty different states as if the pandemic cares about states’ borders. Then he undermines governors on twitter with outright hostile tweets if he doesn’t like a governor’s policy.

For months people would attack my posts by saying it was New York City’s problems, usually with one of the president’s profanities such as calling it a shithole. Then it was democratic governors and nursing homes. Now?  Crickets.

To say our current states of affairs was unnecessary is understating it. We blew it. We blew it. And we’re still blowing it. Science doesn’t matter. All that matters is the ego of a man who has never admitted he was wrong about anything in life. Now over 150,000 Americans have paid with their lives.

Yes, there would have been deaths. But if we’d followed the plan that was in place; and had kept the task force designed to deal with this both at the source and here in the states in place, the deaths would have been a fraction of what they are. This is outright negligent homicide. Yet the man who is responsible is tweeting “law and order” as if he has ever considered the law anything more than a nuisance to be gotten around his entire life. The irony is off the scale.

We are in hurricane season. It’s warmer than it’s ever been and getting warmer. Tens of millions are out of work because of this completely botched response to COVID-19.

Once more I remind you that we are on our own. We are not just on our own, we now have a misguided policy of using Federal law enforcement to “pre-emptively” police our cities. The very phrase indicates what’s going on is illegal. You cannot pre-emptively detain someone off the street, yet that is exactly what is happening.

We have entered a very dark zone.

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