2020 needs a do-over. But that’s not going to happen. A lot of people are in denial right now but here is reality: Nothing is different than when things shut down. There is no vaccine. COVID-19 is still viral and kills and damages people. Permanently. Yet we’re talking about opening schools? If so, why did we even shut them down in the first place?

There hasn’t been a second wave because we’re still riding the crest up the first wave. But there may be a different first wave. Of something worse. We have to realize that viruses mutate. In fact, we’re trying to make a strain of COVID-19 for a vaccine—one that’s not lethal. But what if it develops on its own in the other direction? There’s troubling stories popping up in places. And we now know that governments, including our own, are working hard to suppress the truth.

For those of you who, you know, believe in science, this is a time when, if you haven’t already, to upgrade your preparedness.

This outbreak in Kazakhstan has already killed 1,700. That has been reported. One thing to remember is that many people have died and not been reported. Many people in the States have died of COVID-19, but because they died at home, they haven’t been listed on the official count. Here’s a link to the article in the image above.

I think it’s a smart move to become more prepared for the possibility of things getting a bit worse.

Here are three books I recommend. Yes, one is mine, but honestly, it’s the best out there on preparation. It’s also good for survival, but I also have the SAS manual as it has more images of plants and good information. The third book is one full of what would be needed in a worse case scenario.

BTW. I’m working on new slideshares about solar power and also scavenging. I’ll announce once those are live. But every day I’m updating a survival slideshare and reposting them. They’re free to peruse or download. Also, I’ve started a small store, basically just links, to survival gear I’ve purchased and use. I’ve done a lot of research and also spend time out there in nature using this gear and testing it.

Over 30 free survival slideshows are on this page, along with information on writing and various interesting topics. Free Slideshows

The Green Beret Pocket-Sized Survival Guide (same as above, minus the preparation part in order to be smaller in print)

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