Above is the weekly trend. It aint good. To understate a bit.

The Federal government never really took charge when the pandemic struck. At first it denied, then minimized, then threw it to the States.

Now, the mantra will be: live with it.

Which translates to: die with it.

From a purely survival standpoint, this is a rather unprecedented event. We’ve had pandemics before and we will have them again. Indeed, we will have one much worse than COVID-19. In a way, this is a dress rehearsal for something that could be much worse if we don’t learn from our mistakes.

At the individual level the mantra must be: social distance and wear a mask.

Beyond that, don’t despair or grow lax. It’s been hard. Often, we’ve felt as if we’re in a movie, badly scripted. As a novelist who has written a book about a pandemic and a former Green Beret who has written a survival manual and also two books on great disaster of history and how to avoid future ones, I can assure if I had written a novel that mirrored our present situation, it would have been rejected by every agent as being unrealistic and over the top.

Stay resolute. One thing I learned in survival training and on various deployments is that mindset is everything. It makes all the difference, sometimes between life and death. Do not give in to despair.

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