We have to remember that Six Days of the Condor, the novel, became Three Days in the movie version.

Now the concept has become a TV series and I watched the first season. The idea is updated, of course, with computers being key. A firm working for the CIA, technically part of the CIA, uncovers a pattern of stock options that exposes something much deeper going on. An apparent terrorist plot is stopped using an algorithm developed by the protagonist and all is well, except there is that nagging problem of someone trying to make money if the plot has succeeded. Thus, greed foils the plan. But who is it?

The story then moves fast with the protagonist, Joe Turner (really should have used the actor’s name, Max Irons), is a computer geek who survives the massacre at his office and then tries to uncover the real plot.

I found the storyline believable in today’s current political and ideological atmosphere. The female assassin was quite fascinating; even William Hurt, who has had great face work done since Goliath, is impressed with her in a bizarre way.

Brendan Fraser has an interesting role as a “cut out”.

The series is pretty brutal in that characters are dispatched with regularity and little mercy; again, rather realistic. Not many “I got shot in the shoulder and I’m okay” moments. Dead is dead.

Fast-paced an in tune to the times, I recommend the series. Now that the second season is out, I’ll check it out, although the storyline of Season 1 was closed out rather effectively.

BTW—a few people have commented that they were bothered by me being down on Foundation. I’ve continued to watch it and it has gotten better. It’s good, but not great. I just have the feeling something more could have been done, but the writers have done a really good job with difficult material and many storylines.