Omega Missile

The original idea for this book came from my son, who wondered what would happen if a natural disaster occurred at a nuclear missile base. Say an earthquake hitting a launch control center?

When I was in 10th Special Forces, we occasionally tested security at various installations. One time we hit the Alaskan Pipeline, which was the basis for my first manuscript which ended up being Dragon Sim-13. We also tested the security at Plattsburg Air Force Base which at the time had F-111s and bunkers holding nuclear warheads. So I dug into security at missile bases around the country.

I found an intriguing little thing. There was an ICBM that instead of holding a nuclear warhead, held a powerful transmitter. It would be launched and then deploy the transmitter. Which would then transmit the launch codes for all arms of the nuclear triad.

Well. What a perfect target.

And that I show Omega Missile came into being.

It’s part of my five-book Shadow Warrior series but all five books are stand alones so you can read them in any order.

Omega Missile is available on all eBook platforms.