Branching off from serious military thrillers and the other extreme of epic science fiction, I wanted to write something a bit more fun and personal. Having been in Special Operations, I considered what a team would be like that dealt with things that go bump in the night. The weird. The supernatural, but in a scientific way. Most importantly, deal with the mistakes of scientists who sometimes lose track. After all, the most powerful weapon ever, the nuclear bomb, was invented by scientists.

As always, I did research. And I found out about the Demon Core at Los Alamos when they were developing the atomic bomb. Then I did what fiction writers always do. Ask what if?

I came up with Rifts, tears in space-time, opened by the Demon Core. And a unit is formed to deal with what comes through, called Fireflies. These can take over animate and inanimate objects. And wreak havoc. Such as killer rabbits. A swimming pool that attacks. And more.

I love the members of the Nightstalkers, who alert ring tone is Lawyers, Guns and Money by Warren Zevon.

This is the first book of one of my favorite series, with a special character, Scout. The Nightstalkers are in several books and then evolve into being the Time Patrol in that series of books.

I hope you enjoy as Moms, Nada, Scout, Kirk, Doc, Roland and the other members of the team take you on a journey fighting fireflies and saving our world!

The Nightstalkers is also available in Kindle Unlimited.