At the very least, it will save you some expenses and repairs. We have one under every sink in our house and near the sump pump in the basement. After all, we have smoke and CO2 alarms. Water can very dangerous as well.

During the recent floods in Kentucky, many people were shocked awake after flood water was already pouring through their houses. One man said he woke up and reached out and felt water almost coming over the bed.

This simple device, powered by a 9-volt battery screeches when water touches the metal probes on the bottom. We’ve been alerted several times to either sinks overflowing or a leak underneath a sink by these handy devices. At only $12.48 it’s one of the best preparation investments you can make. The Watchdog Water Alarm.

Stay tuned for more preparation and survival gear. Including what documents you should have stored in a fire and water proof small safe that you can grab when you evacuate as well as scanned and uploaded in the cloud.

Nothing but good times ahead!

But if it isn’t, be prepared!