Of course, Cool Gus believes every year is the year of the dog. And who am I to disagree?

For 2019 I spent a large chunk of December revising all my various survival guides into one book and it’s live today: The Procrastinator’s Survival Guide. It covers both preparation and actions to take in various scenarios. Full of checklists so a person can get their household ready, bit by bit. I’ve also separated the book into levels so one doesn’t need to leap into biting the heads off snakes, but can focus on the more likely scenarios such as power outages, floods, etc.

I’m deep into Lawyers, Guns and Money. No pub date for New York Minute yet, but will update as soon as I make a decision and hear back from various people.

Today, 1 Jan, through 3 January, D-Day (Time Patrol) is free. Mac’s story in that, where he parachutes into France on the night of the invasion in 1944 is one that I consider among the best missions of all the Time Patrol series.

Cool Gus, my wife and I, all wish everyone the best of years in 2019.

After all, it’s the year of the Dog!