Free today are my two bestselling nonfiction titles: Who Dares Wins: Special Operations Strategies for Success and The Green Beret Preparation and Survival Guide. They are also always available all the time on Kindle Unlimited. If you indulge and find the books useful, please leave reviews as they’re very important.

There is a section in the survival guide on pandemics. While the coronavirus is worrisome, the reality is that eventually we will have a very bad pandemic, probably sooner rather than later. What we’re learning from this outbreak is how far and fast something can spread given modern air travel. Also, cruises probably aren’t the best thing to do. Just saying.

I’ve finished a draft of Area 51: Earth Abides, so it will be publishing earlier than June. I need to do some rewriting, editing, beta reads etcetera, but am hoping to get it to my audio narrator in early March and once that’s done it can be published. It will most likely come out in April which is good news. I really like how the series has come full circle and things that might have seemed disparate over the books actually make sense now. The answer of where the Swarm came from is provided and more.

Amazon put my Nightstalker books on sale this month for .99, so you can also take advantage of that. They’re also in Kindle Unlimited. Pretty much all my books are as you can see on my fiction page.

For the writers out there, I’ve finally gotten around to updating my writing slideshares. About halfway through. They’re on the free slideshow page. I’ve got Ides, Conflict Box, Plot and Character done and will finish the rest and update.

I’m into writing Hell of a Town and loving it. I have a strange fascination for things underground and there is a warren underneath New York City that no one completely knows. I’m very happy with reader reaction to Will Kane his Green Beret books. Reviews and emails have been overwhelmingly positive. Thus: nothing but good times ahead!

Wishing everything the best and remember: spring is coming!