Welcome to my world, which I share with Cool Gus. I grew up in the Bronx, graduated West Point, served in Special Operations and have written a lot of books across a variety of genres.

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Bob’s Latest Thoughts & Ramblings

Survival Monday: Food. We kind of need it eventually

Water is more important, but food is critical too. How much do you need each day? Do you understand what expiration dates mean? What kind of food? Do you know the most effective means of hunting doesn't require a gun or making a bow and arrow?...

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The Arguments Against Gun Regulations Reviewed

After simply saying that the gunman in Las Vegas did it because he could, I’ve gotten some blowback on it. Various arguments have been used to point out that there is no need for gun control; at least not more than we have. Everyone wants to know “WHY?” did this guy...

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