Welcome to my world, which I share with Cool Gus. I grew up in the Bronx, graduated West Point, served in Special Operations and have written a lot of books across a variety of genres.

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Bob’s Latest Thoughts & Ramblings

Writing Wednesday: Point of View

I believe that for most writers, the way not to get read/sell your book is: 1. Don't have a good idea. 2. Don't translate good idea into a good story with interesting characters. 3. Point of view. Point of view is your voice as a writer. There are writers who have...

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Time for the Navy to go Battlestar Galactica. Cyber War.

Two high-tech destroyers run into civilian ships in two months? 17 June the USS Fitzgerald hit a container ship. Seven sailors dead. 21 August the USS McCain hit an oil tanker. Ten sailors missing. I don't believe these are accidents. This is cyber-warfare. I have no...

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