Welcome to my world, which I share with Cool Gus. I grew up in the Bronx, graduated West Point, served in Special Operations and have written a lot of books across a variety of genres.

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Bob’s Latest Thoughts & Ramblings

Writing Wednesday: Plot III. Narrative Structure

There is a template for story. Actually, there are many. I give one example here. Do you have to follow it? No. Should you understand it as a craftsperson writer? Yes. Remember, we can only break rules if we know them first. The trend that I'm seeing, is less and less...

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Survival Monday: Rogers Rules of Rangering

For a break from gear, here are the classic Rules of Rangering that have held true for hundreds of years. These are SOPs-- Standing Operating Procedures. Developed through what I call Blood Lessons. Also known as the Hard Way. Make of them what you will....

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Cool Gus Says: 12 Years In History

These are times, places, people, etc that Cool Gus finds interesting. He hopes you do too! We'll have one every Saturday. Also, in the future, Cool Gus will start telling his own stories, but more on that later. Cool Gus says history is pretty cool. Not as cool as...

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