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I am currently writing the 10th book in the Area 51 series. The series has sold over a million copies in print and over a million in eBook. The screenplay has been written by the same writer who did the first Alien movie. I’ll be updating this page as I write the book, adding information and a progress report. I will know the exact publication by mid-December.

Do we deserve a Second Chance?

Mike Turcotte, the Special Forces officer who led the fight against the Airlia, which ruled our planet from the shadows for over 10 millennia, has returned to Area 51. Earth has freed itself from the shackles of alien domination, but at high cost while winning World War III. He has learned what he believes is the truth about human origins.

A truth so devastating he insists it cannot be made public. But the thing no one on Earth knows is that in winning the war they’ve initiated the seeds of their own doom. Something worse than World War III. Something worse than the Airlia. Something that means the end of all life in the Solar System.

But there is one who might have a solution; except she’s not human.

For the series, go to AREA 51

This is the plaque attached to the Pioneer probes. The Swarm would view the images as a menu.


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An interactive, intimate, intensive, two-day workshop designed at developing not only your next book, but your writing process. Limited to three participants. Held three times a year. If you have questions about pricing and schedule, please email us. We’ve worked with authors from #1 NYT Bestsellers to novices. 2017 sold out. First one in 2018 is 17-18 February. The second is 23-24 June. Slots go quickly so email if you have interest or questions.

Held at our classic house in Knoxville, TN


An exclusive writers retreat for only those who have attended one of our workshops. For more information please contact me. Limited to three people. Next one is 19-20 May 2018

Held at our classic house in Knoxville, TN

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