There was a young girl who wanted to be a violinist. She practiced hard for many years. Finally, when she was a teenager, her hero, a famous violinist, a master, whom she modeled herself after, was coming to town for a concert. The young girl attended the concert and was able to meet the master afterward back stage. They talked and then the master asked the girl to play something for her, offering her own violin.

The girl took the master’s violin and played her heart out. When she was done, she waited for a response. The master reached out and the girl handed back the violin. The master put it in her case, stood, looked at the girl and said “Not enough passion.” Then she left.

The girl was crushed. She never played the violin again.

Years later, the two crossed paths. The now woman confronted the master and angrily reminded her of what had happened. The master listened, then nodded. “I was right. If what I said was enough to make you quit, you didn’t have enough passion.”

Then she walked away.

Write It Forward.