I really got into Raised by Wolves as the first season developed. So much so that some marketing company working for the studio sent me some gifts to promote it. I guess they think I’m an ‘influencer’ but my wife disagrees so I bow to a higher authority.

Anywho. I was into it. The backstory. The current story. But then. Spoiler ahead.

She gave birth to that thing. If you don’t know what I’m talking about because you haven’t seen it, too late. The android gave birth to a flying dragon that was so much bigger than her the physics were ludicrous for a show that spouted science fiction. Of course, it also spouted religion and atheism so, I guess a monster virgin birth from a robot wasn’t out of the question.

Nevertheless, it seemed to have nothing to do with the original story of believers vs atheists. Of robots raising humans. Of settling a new planet.

It just turned me off.

I started watching the second season but I didn’t see the point nor was I vested in the characters any more. And the CGI was awful. It looked like a bad video game. I know they must have a budget, but really, it was pretty bad.

I did some fast forwards, tried to watch the last episode and just couldn’t get hooked again. What would be cool is a prequel. Of how Earth fell into religious civil war. Because, hey that’s timely.