The Line

High Praise for The Line from Publishers Weekly: “Mayer has crafted a military thriller in the tradition of John Grisham’s The Firm.” Kirkus: “So convincing, that by the last page, readers may doubt the official version of the last 50 years.” Written by a New York Times Bestselling Author, West Point Graduate and Green Beret.

I wrote The Line some years ago. My main inspiration was to update the classic Seven Days in May. But I was also concerned about the growing power of the military-industrial cabal. The one that has kept us in forever war for varying reasons.

No other institution has had such a great impact on our history as the United States Military Academy. Two Presidents of the United States; the President of the Confederate States of America; 18 NASA astronauts; 76 Medals of Honor; Grant, Lee, Eisenhower, MacArthur, Bradley— the list of graduates and their accomplishments is long.

But deep inside the Academy, there is a secret organization, known to only the handful recruited into it from each class. THE LINE.

They’ve steered our country through war and peace. Doing whatever they thought was necessary. At the end of World War II they even killed one of their own.

They’ve forced Presidents into going to war.

But now, in a time of growing political dissent and terrorism, they realize they have only one last resort.

In the vein of Seven Days in May, a story ripped from the headlines about the unbelievable, but possible, as only an insider can tell it. The Line

What they didn’t count on was two graduates, who weren’t members of The Line, to stay true to their Oath of Office to the Constitution.

Having taken that Oath upon graduating West Point, Delta Operative Boomer Watson and Intelligence officer, Benita Trace, begin to uncover clues leading to what they had considered unthinkable.

What they learn? The Line plans to take out the President on Pearl Harbor Day during a ceremony in Hawaii.

From the Ukraine to Pearl Harbor to the Army-Navy Game in Philadelphia, it becomes a race against time for Boomer and Trace to keep our country whole as the 7th of December looms.

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