A lot of discussions lately among those of us in the creative fields such as writers, whether AI will replace us. So I went to the expect. I asked AI if it would be replacing me as an author. Here is the response:

No, authors will not be out of a job because of artificial intelligence. While AI can generate text, it cannot replace the creativity, imagination, and originality that human authors bring to their writing. AI-generated text may be useful for certain applications, such as summarizing information or generating reports, but it cannot replicate the unique perspective and voice of a human writer.

Furthermore, many aspects of the writing process involve skills that are not easily replicated by AI, such as researching, organizing ideas, and editing. While AI can assist with some of these tasks, it cannot replace the critical thinking and decision-making that human authors bring to the writing process.

Overall, AI is a tool that can enhance the work of authors, but it cannot replace them. As long as there is a demand for original and creative writing, there will be a need for human authors.

The question is: should we believe it?

Also, AI is evolving exponentially. Even if this is true today, will it be true next year?

What do you think?