Why did the Titanic sink? It started long before the iceberg.

What events long before launch led to the Apollo 13 accident and miraculous return?

The disaster at Little Big Horn had it seeds long before Custer rode down to the Greasy Grass River.

How many homicides were committed by the Donner Party?

Those events and more are described and the seven key Cascade Events that led to them in Stuff Doesn’t Just Happen: The Gift of Failure I. And it’s FREE today 21 August through 23 August.

I’ve gone through and thoroughly updated my various survival manuals, leaving me with one main preparation and survival guide and then the pocket-sized survival manual that has served well the last few years.

The print version is currently uploading and I’ll blog about it when ready.

Nothing but good times ahead.

Or disaster, but at least we’ll be ready!