“Would it kill you to go home and see your mother?” Well, it very well might in the first book of the Liz Danger series as she returns home to a small town in Ohio.

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The first book in the bestselling Liz Danger series which came out six months ago is only .99 today as part of a Bookbub deal. It’s the first time the price has been cut so low. For those of you who like my thrillers or science fiction, you might want to try this book; the lead male character is a former Army Ranger who is not a cop. There is enough manly man stuff in there, along with a large dose of snark.

On other front, Shelter From the Storm, the next Will Kane book will be out in March. Area 51: Invasion, which can be read as a standalone, is free. If you ever wondered what would happen if the monsters from our collective subconscious such as Cthulhu, Naga, Kraken, Dragons and more return to invade our planet, this is the book for you.

And coming in June, a first book in a new series, Rocky Start. It’s about a small town in the Smoky Mountains where a bunch of former covert operatives have retired. Think the movie RED or Grosse Pointe Blank.

BTW, I’ve been posting more survival videos on my Youtube channel. Feel free to drop by and take a look and subscribe if you like what you see.

Nothing but good times ahead.