Disaster Movie

Killer tornadoes. Killer Heat Dome. Unprecedented Drought. Texas Freeze. Killer hurricanes. Floods. Record heat waves. The poles melting.

And, oh yeah, two years into a pandemic which shows no sign of abating.

Roll the credits. And the producer and director? Us. We’ve even written the script over the last several decades.

Even worse, we have a large segment of our population that is aiding the apocalypse. Anti-vaxxing/masking isn’t a fringe movement. Governors are competing to see who can cripple any sort of effective fight against the pandemic in the name of “freedom”—which actually means pandering to a base in the hopes of furthering their political careers. So far well over 200,000 unvaccinated people have paid the price for “freedom” with their lives. That’s just in the United States. With Omicron which spreads faster than previous versions, Christmas gatherings, and travel, that number will top half a million early next year. Our total number officially passed 800,000 with well over a thousand dying a day, pretty much unnoticed by most of us. The real number, given the juking of the stats, especially by places like Florida, is well over a million dead.

Those are facts.  

Living in a cave will be great freedom for those who survive.

As a writer, I realize that the last decade would not play out in fiction. It’s too unbelievable. But it is our reality.

What to do?

Two things. One is political activism. We must elect those who accept the reality that we are causing climate change and drastic action is needed.

The second is be as prepared as possible as individuals and families for disasters. One in three Americans experienced a climate-related disaster last year. That percentage will only go up.

Unlike Hollywood, there is no scientific miracle that will save us. We have the science right now that would: vaccines, changing our power sources to sustainable energy and more. But we’re refusing to do it.

The movie has started. How will it end?