I tend to go for superlatives when researching. When my wife and I are watching some documentary, I’ll inevitably say: I wrote about that!

In my Area 51 series I essentially rewrote the entire history of mankind and added in how vampires came about, because everyone has to write a vampire book. The Great Wall of China, Easter Island, The Great Sphinx, yada yada I’ll have to write about bisque eventually.

I also like to find strange coincidences of history. In this case, when researching the 11th of September throughout history I found some interesting things such as the Staten Island Peace Conference, which I’d never heard of. But I also learned that 9-11-2001, while we all remember what happened in the United States, there was a small footnote in Russia: the largest plane ever built, the AN-225 set a world record for lifting a large weight to a high altitude.

That got me thinking. What big thing could this plane carry? Somehow I found out about Tsar Bomba, which was detonated on 30 October 1960 and is still, and hopefully always be, the largest man-made explosion ever.

So. As a fiction writer these are the factual threads we take and weave into stories. One of the mission in Nine-Eleven (Time Patrol) combines the AN-225 and a second Tsar Bomba and . . .

Anyway, it’s kinda interesting, don’t you think?