So I made some predictions in my last post and, of course, I wrong. I love being wrong when following story. It means the writers are providing good twists and turns.

Episode 3 certainly provides that. It also dealt with some of my concerns. The antagonist does show up in flashbacks.

The twist with the daughter is great.

I do think if the assassin was that good, really? He was that bad? But I liked the way he was introduced. About halfway through that opening scene, I asked my wife: is the the assassin? But it was nice twist on character and the phone call about pain pills with grandma lightened things.

I also liked the M21 dialogue. When she said 200 yards as the range for those rifles, which we also used at that time as our sniper rifle on the teams, I was like: Wait! But, of course, the protagonist answered her correctly. I like when they get technical details right.

Here’s my next prediction which seems glaringly obvious to me: the CIA liaison is Jeff Bridge’s daughter’s half brother. Same mother. Different father. In this case the Afghan warlord.

The ending with him looking in the trunk is somewhat suspenseful. We kind of assume he didn’t kill her, but then again that was the sort of ‘dream’ sequence at the traffic stop. Who knows?

Tune in next week. Same bat channel. Same bat station,