Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I’ve seen people grow frustrated with this latest season because Midge, the protagonist, still shoots herself in the foot. Whether it be inappropriate routines in front of the wrong people (in this season it’s Jackie K, plus feuding with Sophie in a put-down showdown which was kind of dumb but also inevitable) or bad business decisions. (Turning down opening for Tony Bennett seems a no-brainer).

But the last scene in Carnegie Hall with Lenny Bruce laid the problem out clearly. As an artist, he expressed to her what it means to be successful. If you want it bad enough. And frankly, she hasn’t wanted it bad enough. She’s been able to get by and get breaks no matter what happened. Yes, she got screwed over, especially by Shy’s team, but she recovered. She always lands on her feet, somewhat and has a fallback position.

I see the payoff coming in the next season as Midge finally gets her act together. There are also some dark clouds hinted at: we know what happens to Lenny Bruce. And Mai’s pregnancy and a potential wedding there seems cloudy.

The one-liners are unrealistic but punchy. Hey. It’s TV. Overall, though, I find Maisel to be enjoyable if a bit unbelievable. Lots of good characters in the supporting cast and the script often takes unexpected turns with those characters which is fun.

Definitely worth watching.