15 March is a significant date in history, but not just for the event of 44 BC. It’s also the date in 1917 that the last Tsar of Russia formally abdicated, which I submit might be the most significant event of the 20th Century, given what followed and is still happening.

It’s also the date in 1783 that General George Washington, with the Revolution not over and peace negotiations dragging on in Paris had to make a famous speech at the encampment in Newburgh, NY, to quell a mutiny among his officers who had not been paid for a long time. He saved the fledgling United States even before it was a United States.

Other events happened on this date and these three and others are part of The Ides of March (Time Patrol). Which is free all the time on all eBook platforms. It is a window into this series of books I’ve written where the basic premise is that there is a force from another Earth timeline that is trying to change ours by traveling to our past and changing events. The Time Patrol’s job is to keep our timeline intact. It’s not perfect, but we’re still here is the basis of their missions, especially since they’ve learned other timelines have had their history changed and utterly disappeared.

How the Last Tsar, Nicholas, came to fall from power is a fascinating story and some powerful lessons can be drawn from it. I covered some of the major events leading to this as one of the seven disasters in Stuff Doesn’t Just Happen: The Gift of Failure. Which is free today only, 15 March.

While we mourn today with New Zealand, we must mourn with all mankind and do our best to stop the hate.