The Gift

How did I miss this 2000 movie? It stars Cate Blanchett who is excellent in everything. Then add in Keanu Reeves, Katie Holmes, Greg Kinnear, Hillary Swank and Giovanni Ribisi. Written by Billy Bob Thornton who is odd, but brilliant guy.

It’s about a woman who has a psychic gift, a murder, and a lot of suspects. Of course, you may think there’s an inherent disconnect there—if she’s psychic why can’t she ‘see’ the killer? It’s not that east and it’s handed well. I’m not a big fan of the concept of psychics even though I have a two book series, Psychic Warrior, based on a program we did in 10th Special Forces Group—on which the movie Men Who State at Goats was partly based.

But, directed by Sam Raimi, it’s pulled off brilliantly by Blanchette. Particularly good acting by Ribisi (the medic from Saving Private Ryan) and Reeves as a really bad guy. Set in the Low Country around Savannah, that adds to the mystique.

The story touched on a number of sensitive topics, but right from the start, they set up Blanchett’s character superbly.

Highly recommended.