I was looking at what today is, and what happened in history on this day, and realized that over my 30 years of writing, I’ve covered a lot of ground. My wife is kinda tired of me saying “I wrote about that” when something comes up on TV.

The Fetterman Massacre in 1866 was a prelude to what happened to Custer a decade later. I’ve been to the site of Fort Kearney walked “over Lodge Pole Ridge” as Fetterman did when breaking orders– to be massacreed. I’ve written about it and Custer in several books, both fiction and non-fiction. In the Atlantis series one theme is how past massacres play a role in a future event in terms of psychic energy. I also cover what exactly led to Custer’s disaster in The Green Beret Guide to Seven Great Disasters (I).

Patton’s death is the second chapter in The Line, a book about a coup by West Pointers in the present. Patton was so outspoken about pushing the war on to Russia, that one of the premises of the book is that the only way to control him was to kill him.

The Winter Solstice as viewed via Stonehenge, above, plays a role in my Area 51 series, where an alien spaceship is buried under Stonehenge; except it turns out not to be aliens. Not exactly. My Area 51 series covered a lot of earth history and locales, including Giza, The Great Wall of China, Easter Island, Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor, Devil’s Island– and oh yeah, Area 51. I joke I rewrote then entire history of mankind in that series, but it’s not a joke. In fact, the last book, Earth Abides, loops us back to a book coming next: Area 51: Genesis.

I was reminded of something else this morning when someone tweeted about the pandemic, that I wrote my pandemic books years ago: Z: Final Countdown.

My career has done the opposite of what the experts recommend: pick one niche and stay there. But my niche is interesting people, places and things. And it’s a lot of fun and I’m thankful for the readers who’ve come along for the ride.

Stay safe and happy holidays!