My 79th title, Walk on the Wild Side is out today. It’s the third book in the Will Kane, Green Beret series, that starts with New York Minute, which is free today only.

I’m already into Hell of a Town, the 4th book.

There will also be Area 51: Earth Abides later this year, a continuation of the 2 million plus selling Area 51 series.

It’s been thirty years since I got my first book deal. And as the Grateful Dead say: What a long strange trip its been. I’d like to think I’ve become a better writer, learning with each book. Certainly the reader feedback on the Will Kane, Green Beret series is extremely positive for which I’m grateful.

Will Kane is one of my favorite characters. He’s tough, but flawed. He can handle an ambush but not talking to a woman. He’s scarred, physically and psychologically, yet at his core he sees the fight between good and evil and knows that he has the skill set to do what few people can for good in defeating evil.