As usual, the first of the month brings a plethora (Yes, I know what the word means) of free and discounted books.

Free today only:

The Green Beret Pocket Sized Survival Guide

Life’s Little Black Book



Eyes of the Hammer



The first two books of the Area 51 series are discounted all month to $1.99; also on Kindle Unlmited.

Phoebe and the Traitor is only .99 or Kindle Unlimited for the next five days.

I noticed Youtube put an ad on my latest post on 20 Things Every Hiker Shoulder Have after it hit several thousand views and that got me thinking. Yes, dangerous. I’ve added a subscribe button to all my videos and am in the process of updating them, with things like me actually talking. One day, soon, but not too soon, I will actually, maybe, appear in one. I need 1,000 subscribers to get to the monetize plateau where Youtube actually kicks some of that ad money to me, you know, those 3 cent deposits, so if you’re interested in stuff, not just survival, subscribe please. Go to any of my videos and hit the little button in the bottom right. I’ll be doing survival, writing presentations, history, trivia, stuff on my books, which is pretty much all the previous and more. I’ll also be updating the older ones.

Let’s all enjoy the coming warm months! Unless you live on the southern hemisphere, in which case, don’t fall off.