What Interstate 95 looks like on Tuesday morning with drivers trapped for hours. (Courtesy NBC Washington)

Dawn comes this day with thousands of drivers trapped in freezing temperatures on I-95 in Virginia. A number of circumstances collided to produce this; one of them being a lack of plow drivers and emergency personnel due to record Covid numbers.

How many of those trapped drivers took to the road unprepared for an emergency? Most. How many have a good pair of walking boots in their vehicles? Few. How many have blankets and extra water and food? Few. How many failed to check the weather?

We have a “normal” mentality. What I mean is we expect things to be normal, then get surprised when they aren’t. Worse, when things are abnormal, we expect someone to come rescue us rather than prepare to take care of ourselves.

When hurricanes or tornadoes or floods strike, help comes pouring in from unaffected nearby communities and states to help. But what if there is a disaster so large, that help isn’t available? Can you help yourself? What if, like today, a convergence of events: storms, accidents, COVID, come together to produce an unprecedented disaster?

Even a light perusal of recent news show disaster after disaster. Killer tornadoes. Winter storm. Drought. Floods. Devastating wildfires. It’s not going to get better.

So why don’t people prepare?


The assumption that help is only a cell phone call away.

A lack of focus.

Mainly, a mindset of “it can’t happen to me.”

Except 1 in 3 Americans experienced a climate related disaster in 2021.

We will see more extreme weather of all types.

Emergency services will continue to be stretched to the limits.

Bottom line? Get prepared. Take it step by step but start today. Tomorrow might be too late.

Here is a short slideshow I put together to help get everyone started.

Good luck and be safe!