I’ve got a lot of free and discounted books—the most ever, but let’s focus on what your priorities should be for 2023.

First, real basic, get 2 cases of water per person in your household and stick them somewhere dark and dry. We’re seeing water shortages from a dizzying array of events, no one is safe.

Second, I’d recommend a basic grab-n-go bag. You can build your own using my Survival Guide, or a free slideshow, or simply buy a prepackaged one from Amazon. This is the one I bought for my son and he has it in the trunk of his car. Remember, it can help you get through a disaster in your house or on the road. The Area Study Workbook is free today and it will help you fine tune a kit if you want to build a personalized one.

Doing those two things will help you have peace of mind because you prepare for three reasons:

  1. To be prepared if the bad thing happens.
  2. To prevent the bad thing from happening.
  3. To have peace of mind.

Now the free and discounted books on this PAGE:

Shane and the Hitwoman is free until the 5th

Synbat (The Green Berets) is free until the 2nd.

The Green Beret Area Study Workbook is only .99 or kindle unlimited until the 5th

The Green Beret Guide for Success is free until the 5th

Atlantis Bermuda Triangle is free until the 5th

Nine-Eleven (Time Patrol) is .99 or kindle unlimited until the 5th

Military Science Fiction bundle is $1.99 or kindle unlimited until the 5th

Nightstalkers is $1.99 or kindle unlimited all month

Black Tuesday (Time Patrol) is $1.99 or kindle unlimited all month

Eyes of the Hammer (Green Berets) is always free

Duty (first book in Duty, Honor, Countt series) is always free

Whew. Okay. That’s plenty to get you started on 2023.

Al books HERE.

Stay healthy and stay safe!


And Maggie and Scout