Slow Horses

Gary Oldman reprises his Smiley character, albeit with a different name and a different time, in the series Slow Horses.

The title refers to the rejects from MI-5 who are shuffled off to Oldman’s supervision in Slough House, an old building where they are given the jobs no one else wants and also are used in others machinations in order to take the fall for their more elite brethren.

Strong characters and twists and turns in the plot make for enjoyable viewing. Oldman brings humor and snark to his character to make a dark story, where deaths along the way are taken in stride, to make it enjoyable.

The power plays with Kristin Scott Thomas as the #2 chair at MI-5 show spy bureaucracy at its worst. And best. Oldman’s character, Jackson Lamb, is a legend in MI-5 and he more than holds his own with her.

If you are into the devious nature of a good espionage story with a dash of action thrown in, this series is highly recommended.