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The first two books in my epic series, Duty, Honor, Country are free today. They’re followed, of course, by Country. And later in 2020, the 4th book of the series, Shiloh will be released.

The Army-Navy game is tomorrow. Weird that after so many years I’m still conditioned to care. Four years of standing through every home game (and the team was NOT very good when I was there) is operant conditioning.

I remember standing in the 4th quarter of a 55-0 loss to Baylor– and I had to run a marathon the next day! We beat Navy my plebe year, which was good timing, but lost the next three. I went to one game after graduation when I was with 10th Special at Devens, with a bunch of guys from my team. The Green Berets made an impression on the cadets.

Before I wrote these books I wasn’t aware of why the Naval Academy was founded. It’s an intriguing chapter in history: a mutiny was the root cause. The story is included in Honor.

Cool Gus and Scout say “nothing but good times ahead!”

As long as they keep getting bones to chew on. The trouble starts when they tend to want each other’s bones about halfway through. It’s a dog thing.