We got our code word to conduct our war time assigned mission?

We ran lots of training exercises in Special Forces. I don’t believe we were ever alerted at 9:00 AM on a Monday. It was usually odd hours on odds days.

Occasionally the alert was real: something that had to be done. But we also had a war plan for if the balloon went up on World War III. My team had a specific mission and target assigned to us, as did every team.

Sometimes our alerts said it was for this mission. We’d load on the aircraft with our gear, go wheels up and start flying. If we got our GO codeword, we were going.

This is the scenario played out in the epic movie and book Fail Safe.

It was a scenario that I used for the very first book I wrote which eventually became Dragon Sim-13 (The Green Berets). The title is the name of a simulation of a mission that gets the actual code word to go. Except it wasn’t supposed to happen!

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