I watched this movie last night and was impressed. The premise has been done– apocalyptic event, human embryos stores for survival, one brought to life. The first interesting line was the robot raising the child telling her the reason there is only one human is because “mothers have to learn”.

We don’t really know what happened to the outside world until near the end but it’s not that surprising, although I won’t give it away.

What was intriguing was the concept of trying to make humanity better. What would it take? We are really screwing up the world right now. Not just with climate change, which is the #1 problem, but also wealth inequality. When the bottom 50% have only 1% of the resources and we have this handful of ultra billionaires holding most of the wealth, something is seriously wrong. Something is also wrong with how much of our resources we pour into the military. We’re defending against ourselves while destroying the world. How crazy is that? This is an area I’ve veered to in the Area 51 series, especially with Redemption, Invasion and Interstellar and will continue to explore in the next book in the series.

Another interesting aspect of the movie is when the too much plastic surgery Hillary Swank shows up. The religious references are there, from her cloth crucifix to her praying to her little home and the religious icons. In essence, the movie is also saying religion is not a good thing. Has it made the world better? Like everything else the answer is simple: if a church locks its doors at night, given the number of homeless we have, then what is preached is not followed.

Whether you end up agreeing with the movie’s premise or not, it’s worth a watch. Cool Gus gives it four paws up.