Pocket Guide

A quick note to wish everyone a joyful holiday season.

Some thoughts on unusual and thoughtful gift ideas. The Green Beret Pocket Survival Guide makes a great stocking stuffer. I keep one in the kitchen for first aid information, in each car and in the grab-n-go bags. Also, I now have three Little Black Books which make great gifts. The one on New York City was fun to research.

I’m also clearing out stacks of books and am offering a number of signed titles, including unique galleys with covers with which only a few copies were made at cost. I’m doing this through eBay as it’s the easiest way. For a complete list click on the image below on this PAGE.


The first Area 51 book is only $1.99/Kindle Unlimited all of this month.

My year has been interesting to say the least. I did a road trip to Valley of the Gods and Monument Valley. I really enjoyed Valley of the Gods as it wasn’t crowded and the vistas were wonderful. I’ll be going back and also covering more of that area.

For the last six months or so, I’d been experiencing some chest pain while biking and finally went and got it checked out. Which is fortunate as it turns out I had a blockage on my left anterior descending artery, nicely called the widow-maker (a terrible name because women are as likely to have this problem as men). I wrote out the experience here and highly recommend going to the doctor when something is off. That’s helped me twice now—first with a torn retina I self-diagnosed and now saving my life by pushing to get help.

Thus, the holidays will be extra special this year.

Stay safe and enjoy life!