I’m a big fan of Gaia GPS software. I have it on my computer, my phone and my iPad. I use the latter two in my Jeep Gladiator when I head out to wander. As you cans see, I bring up two maps in my ‘cockpit’. Using Carplay, I Put Gaia on the screen from my iPhone, and then bring it up on the iPad to the right. I generally have different map layers on each and also different scales.

I’ve played with various map layers over the years trying to find the right mix for off-roading. Well, GAIA took the guessing out of it. They came up with GAIA Overland, which mixes several of the other layers. This makes it so much easier. I found the mixture they used is pretty close to what I came up with while mixing and matching several different layers. What’s great is it takes the guessing out of it and also allows me to have other layers available now for specific things. As you can see I have Overland at 100%. A bit of Topo around 50% and a smidge of USFS Visitor. I also have Historic Topo 1900 readily available because it’s fun sometimes to see what things were like 122 years ago.

I’ve used a lot of different overland Apps over the years. Still do. I use MotionX-GPS for tracking bike rides and ruck marches. I use Road ID to track me when alone so an alert can be sent if something happens. I use Google Maps for road driving to keep on top of traffic. Usually, when on the road, I have Google Maps on the main display and GAIA on the iPad.

Here is a free slideshow I’ve done on all the Apps I use and have ready. Most are free.

Gaia is free, but it’s definitely worth the $31.99 annual fee using my affiliate discount to get unlimited access.

Stay safe and enjoy!